Architect Roberto Bagnato’s Firm of Architects in Milan is founded on a multi-disciplinary approach and on
the development of professional synergies, with the goal of constantly improving its knowhow and and
guaranteeing turnkey architectural services by means of integrated and coordinated planning strategies.

A single contact person is chosen for each commission, with clear advantages in terms of guarantees, cost
control, time management and quality of the work.

The firm

Roberto Bagnato’s firm of architects provides the following professional services:


  • Residential, commercial and office design
  • Luxury interior design
  • Lighting design
  • Building redevelopment and refurbishment
  • Design of retail spaces, renovation and refurbishment of existing spaces
  • Design of offices and hotels, restyling and refurbishment of existing offices and hotels


  • Artistic direction
  • Furnishing and prototype design
  • Staging of events
  • Retail design


  • Operations management
  • Building work inspections
  • Safety management
  • Management and monitoring of permit applications and final inspections


  • General management of projects and implementation stage
  • Works supervision
  • Planning and control

The architect Roberto Bagnato

Architect Roberto Bagnato was born in Milan in 1972.
He graduated in Architecture from Milan Polytechnic in 1998. In 1997, while still a student, he began working for engineering and architectural firms, acquiring training in architectural planning and project management, and soon holding the positions of Project Architect and Project Manager. In 2006 and 2016 he founded and set up two General Contractor companies. In 2007 he founded his first professional associated company. In 2017 he channeled his wealth of experience into setting up a firm of architects where he planned to focus all his energy, embarking on architectural projects in Milan, Italy and abroad.

He specialises in the design and construction of exclusive homes, built to the highest aesthetic and technical standards, producing personalised and made-to-measure luxury interior design, planning interiors, architecture, furnishings and lighting.

With a rigorous and integrated professional approach he has taken on the role of head of development and consolidation of the “Process Management” area where, in first person, he acts as Project Manager and Site Supervisor. He supervises public works projects, specifications, energy certification, inspections and liquidations, Project Management, and safety coordination in the planning and execution of works, in both Architecture and Retail sectors. As site supervisor he also oversees the refurbishment of entire properties in residential, tertiary and hospitality sectors.

He maintains that an architect must lead an integrated approach to an architectural project incorporating Architecture, Engineering, Technical regulations, Industrial Design and Process Management.

His Milan firm of architects offers integrated design, building planning, interior design, architecture, energy certification and safety coordination.
Architect Roberto Bagnato believes in the social role of architecture, in the housing sphere in particular.

He is dedicated to social housing projects, producing innovative experiments in housing and backing socio-educational and community care projects aimed at encouraging personal growth and improved psychophysical wellbeing.

Some of the projects that he has recently been involved in are: the engineering phase and site supervision of the architectural and plant redevelopment of an innovative model of housing and social emancipation situated in Milan for Consorzio Oiko, the new headquarters of major Milanese companies such as Innovatec SpA and Sostenya SpA, the new London headquarters of Kinexia SpA, stores for large international retail brands and some interior design projects for luxury Milanese residential buildings.

He is a member of the Order of Architects in Milan, the Technical Advisory Committee of the Observatory of the Property Market of the Inland Revenue, Provincial Office of the Territory of Milan and internal member of the Order of Architects of Milan on the Commission of examiners of the Master’s degree in Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture of Milan Polytechnic.

The collaborators

Arch. Lucia Scaccabarozzi
Industrial design and corporate

Dott. in  Arch. Stefano Reboldi

Arch. Giorgio Diegoli
regulations and technical area

Specialized Partners

Ing. Raphel Caratti
electrical and mechanical system planning
and supervision of works

Ing. Corrado Filincieri
fire regulations

Ing. Cristiano Tomasi
structures planning and supervision
of works structures test


As well as working for private clients we have worked with large high profile companies

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