Mass-produced housing

The spiritual conditions for the construction of houses in series, the dwelling of houses in series, the conception of houses in series.
Everything remains to be done; there is nothing ready. The specialization has just approached the field of construction. There are neither factories nor specialized technicians.

Timavo House: presentation event

On the 9th of December 2019 an event was held to present the Timavo house project. Studio aRB, together with the team of professionals who worked on the project, presented it and illustrated the idea that inspired it.

MATERIAL FOCUS: metals in furnishing elements

Nowadays, increasingly often, metals are used in furnishings to give a sophisticated touch to the design. Sometimes it is enough to add a detail to brighten and adorn forms, creating a sophisticated look.

MATERIALS FOCUS: resin coatings

Resins are increasingly popular floor and wall coverings, especially in bathrooms where they replace tiles. Because they are waterproof they can also be used in showers
Resins come in different textures, from spatulate to striped, and in endless colours, depending on the manufacturer.

MATERIALS FOCUS: using wood on interiors floors

Wood has always been one of the most popular floor coverings due to its traits and its aesthetic appeal. Numerous varieties of wood are used (e.g. durmast, walnut, cherry, acacia, ash, etc.) and each can be given a different finish (varnished, oiled, bleached, etc).


Architect Roberto Bagnato participated in the Alpiwood seminar on decorative wood veneers.

Studi Aperti at MI ARCH WEEK 2017: here we are!

Friday 16 June 2017 from 13:00 to 18:00 the Roberto Bagnato Architetto studio will open its doors on the occasion of MI ARCH WEEK 2017