Situated in the centre of Milan, inside a historical building classed as a monument, the apartment is on two floors connected by an internal staircase. The main floor has a large living area designed to be an open space that can be subdivided with ceiling-height doors. The sleeping area is in a more intimate and reserved area, separated by a long corridor with rooms leading off from it. At the centre there is a staircase leading to the second floor which has two large, separate rooms, each with its own ensuite bathroom and private day room.
The spaces are large and flexible, such as the enormous living room connected to the library from which it can be divided by means of built-in ceiling-height doors.
The living room and dining room where people congregate have enormous appeal, with their large glass doors that create a unique space which is bathed in light.
The main floor consists of a series of rooms which surround the staircase that leads to the second floor. This was designed to be an unfurling ribbon, adorned with a clever play of illumination which emphasises its lightness.
The project for the interior uses to its advantage the location of the home, overlooking the ancient church of San Marco, which is framed by the windows as though it were a Cubist painting. From every window you see a different part. And it is the windows that flood the interiors with light, emphasising the brightness of the white-painted walls and the parquet of unvarnished oak. Inside this snow-white box it is the furnishings and accessories that add a splash of colour and character. As for the use of materials the choice of marble for the bathroom fittings is unique: Botticino fiorito marble for the private bathrooms and jet black marble for the guest bathroom highlight the elegance of the rooms in both the private and public parts of the home.

The made-to-measure furnishings have an elegance and a luxury that is not extravagant but understated, which does not set out to be striking but to be remembered due to its timeless attention to detail.

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