In a historical building in the centre of Milan the redevelopment of a loft became an opportunity to transform spaces languishing in a state of decay and neglect into a luxury residential attic. In this building, protected by restrictions placed by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and safeguarded by the Superintendency for Architectural and Landscape Heritage, the project focussed on preserving the historical architectural style without forgoing the originality of a cosy and elegant spatial solution The resulting home has a wealth of materials and is well-proportioned with sophisticated solutions that bring detail to the forefront. Each item was made to measure and chosen on the basis of the context it was to be placed in. A typifying feature of the apartment is the round study, built into the dome -shaped turret. This intimate space, inundated with light, where the walls are clad in wainscoting-bookshelves, is now a room with space to hold a vast collection of books.

CATEGORIAResidentialNOMEMilan Santa Maria delle GrazieCLIENTEPrivateANNO2012LUOGOMilan, Italy