Restyling of the sales outlets and beauty spas of the well-known brand of toiletries. Faithful to the brand philosophy, according to which nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration with its functional principles, colours and fragrances, the concept uses a neutral box, distinguished by wooden floors and walls painted beige to recall the mood of small shops of old, in which to arrange the display stands. These are designed to be of standard size and both line the walls and stand, in various positions, in the middle of the shop floor in a range of alternating shades of white and green. A special focus was placed on the lighting, which cleverly highlights the product, showcasing its packaging. Another important aspect is the environmental sustainability of the materials used in the spirit of Bottega Nature’s respect for nature. All these factors award the consumer with a shopping experience that immerses them in the fragrances and colours of nature.

FIELDRetailNAMEBottega VerdeCLIENTPrivateYEAR2009-2012LOCATIONMilan, Italy